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About us

I am Anna Belimova, a simple girl who’s not very familiar with fashion, but I believe that fashion is the beauty inside you, so it should be accessible to everyone.

First, I create a story, then an item itself!

I imagine the girl I sew for and ask myself questions like "Where does she live? What does she like? What does she enjoy to read? What does she do in her free time?"

The charm of the province, the Russian character, the soul and traditions of common people inspire me. I meet Russian women and listen to their life story, it touches me to the heart and encourages to create something new. I want to make women pretty, never the less keep them in their comfort zone and preserve their individuality…

One of my clients once said that I sell happiness and love, but I’d say that I sincerely share those feelings!

My team is my family. I often work in the studio, communicate with everyone, get to know people by hugging and listening to them and as the result our clients fall in love with themselves and leave my studio with a spark in their eyes in a new look. That’s why our customers become a very integral part of the Provans family!

Contact us

+7 963 217-83-24

Kostroma, 1 Krasnie Ryadi str., 13
We’re available everyday 10 am -19 pm

IE Anna Stanislavovna Belimova
Individual Tax Number 440 123 728 950